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anyone knows what these wheels are?
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@steezus not the first time he's called someone out and been wrong. it's not hard to do a lil research before you say something. a lil tough love should teach you not to be dumb
I'll agree @TheBigBlur that you should know what you're talking about before you say something, but again. Don't be a dick about it. He knows he's wrong and he'll know to post about what he knows, not what he assumes.
Volante checkers
@steezus Very true, we should all get along, even when I go to skate meets and jams, everyone is nice to the kooks and Groms. We get a little fed up sometimes but we stay Chill. So@TheBigBlur try to be helpful not sarcastic and douchbagish.
have a set right now. the roll speed is god awful but they're amazing in warmer weather, but now that its cold, they slide hella weird