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i just love this advertisement.. it is mostly in english , but i'll translate the rest.. a man comes to buy a ring. seller: solitaire for your wife.. customer: show me a bigger one.. seller: ok...1 carat diamond.. your first anniversary?? customer: no.. tenth.. show me a costlier ring.. seller: tenth anniversary..excellent.. what a lucky wife!! here 3 carat diamond.. ******bla bla i don't get this part ..something about the cut of the diamond**** seller: when is the anniversary?? customer: yesterday the seller promptly takes back the ring and hands him a ring. seller: 5 carat diamond..princess cut customer: how much?? ohh..i love the way he nods.. he understands that forgetting his anniversary, the customer's in thick soup and understands his need.. an unspoken understanding!! lol
woa ... this is good.
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@oj1992 hehe!! isnt it?
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