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This girl outfitted her Tan Tien with some shnazy Shark Wheels lol, what do you guys think?
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Shark Wheels are pretty much the same concept of a tire with treads, for people who love freeriding and cruising over rough terrain shark wheels weave and push aside degree such as sand or rough bumps rather than steam rolling over them. Lots of People really seem to love them but u sure as hell ain't paying 70 bucks just to try em xD but I see the concept and it makes sense and I would be happy to try them nonetheless @steezus @pangzoo
Like every other vehicle such as a bike, car, or motorcycle have tires that have a way of gripping the road and being able to glide over rough terrain, so why can't we longboarders have that simple innovation for they're wheels that's been around almost as long as long as the wheel itself?
I meant I sure as hell ain't going to pay $70 lol my bad @steezus
It's all good @filirican but you're right too I wouldn't spend $70 on em hahaha
these are terrible for freeride. once they wear down they're just normal mids and before that, they're inconsistent asf. for 70$ you may as well get two sets of decent wheels.