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I'm not Korean, neither am I Asian, but I am a fervid lover of Korean dramas. Korean dramas are not mere dramas, they are dramas that show and depict the beauty of the Korean culture. The following are things I have learnt from watching Korean dramas: 1. Respect is paramount in Korea. When you say sorry and hello, you bow. Also you can't drink while facing elders, you have to look to the side. 2. Food. In Korea, you eat food with a lot of side dishes. You can also a pack a doshirak for a loved one lol. Kimchi is also a major food in Korea. 3. Love. Namsan tower says it all. All those many locks for unending love shows that Koreans believe in love so much. 4. Fashion. Korea is a high fashion country. Cute sweaters is what I like the most about Korean fashion. During the cold period, I get my sweaters on a Korean website. 5. Fun. Koreans like to drink soju and go to karaoke bars to relax. There are also food tents outside where people sit at and eat. You also don't pour your own drink when drinking with someone. Hiking is also something Koreans like to get involved in for fun. It is one of my dreams to be my country's ambassador to Korea. K-drama makers, keep on doing what you are doing. We love you here in "migu!"
Wonderful post. I'm neither of the two but love Kdramas and watching Korean culture expressed through it. They have real love How considerate Koreans are--among so many other things.
I am not korean but Asian. but tht does not matter. I am totally a k drama fan.i really their culture. they are not too much melodramatic nor too much forward and romantic comedy is my fav genre. I am in love with k drama.
I too am neither Korean or Asian...but I do love my K-dramas. I very seldom watch American TV.
I'm Mexican and live Usa my favorite Korean dramas eng subs
I also agree I am not korean or Asian but I do love the drama they do show a lot of things that Spanish people don't show and I respect what has been shown to me Puerto Rican show a lack of it Respect is the upmost for me.
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