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Checked out the longboards at a Zumiez in Chicago. I fell in love. If only it wasn't snowing out I would be in heaven! <3
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pleeeease support a local skate shop. zumiez is terrible and does nothing to support the community. I went there once, and never again, the employees didn't even know how to grip a board -.-
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@Jlukasik I second this. Local always comes first.
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My local skate shop isn't the greatest. Their longboards are crappy and they dont know a thing about them. We're in Chicago for the weekend so I was just taking a peek. The staff there was really nice, they knew their stuff. Every store is different I guess haha(:
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@EmilySalzsieder go check out shred shop at 3801 Oakton St, Skokie, IL 60076 see if whoever your with can take you there, it's huge and local to Chicago.
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My first board came from Zumiez but that's only because our local skate shop only sells skateboards.
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