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By orangatang ofcourse **Disclaimer** This act is not a responsible representation of the safety gear which should be used while longboarding, regardless of speed. The location of this hill has been blocked out for your own safety. Always remember, when you travel with a skateboard, the locals will show you the way. btw... In regard to the recent world record chasers, going high speeds is more fun sideways. This video is a "world record" spoof. P.S. The car cam footage of the last slide was of the speedo instead of me... too bad eh! The helmet cam footage justifies the intensity, but the clip was from the slide before. Still gnarly at 8 seconds of sliding. ~ Patrick Stuntman : Patrick Switzer Camera : Julien BeGeron, Louis Ricard, Patrick Switzer Edit : Patrick Switzer Commentary & Driving : Louis Ricard Music : Asian Dub Foundation, Officer XX Fullbag Dude!
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hes crazy!!! i love this video!