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What do you guys think is the best board from loaded because I wanted to get a chubby unicorn
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What history behind them?! They're a solid company dude. They've got great team riders, and their decks are pretty great. Other than the price but whatever
@SteveLee772 how are their decks based around defection?!
It started with two dudes who didn't skate and didn't know shit, they dropped school took their college money and started Loaded. (honestly that part is pretty cool) but they weave their decks. Idk if they still promote the saying your board grows with you but its the flex they are talking about that grows. They include the weave of plys to easily and steadily increase the flex. Thats defection! An if you guys dont know skateboarding spent years and years trying to end that shit. Even though all boards still get it over time no one is dumb enough to not use basic technology to do what they can to prevent it. Other than Loaded.., sorry if you like em, I just view it as very disrespectful. Also my local shop has had the shot at meeting some people from Loaded and says they're massive dicks, but thats besides the point. Ride what you will and I hope you have fun doing it, I just wish it wasnt a Loaded.
Seems like loaded uses that "defection" to their advantage, with the multiple flex options. As you said, all boards get it over time. Loaded saw the opportunity to take that "defection" and make it into a unique way to make their boards. I'm all for the flex options, even if it changes over time.
If thats how you feel, I guess thats how you feel. I wish we could go on a magical skateboarding past trip but we cant.