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so here's a new rom com..but the only reason i'm sharing this is because it has full house's Min Hyuk.. long see :D
oh yeah... hahah, forgot that one too...
i'll check out these dramas.. even in dreamhigh the second lead gets the gal
love story in harvard and lovers in paris, man of honor are romcom as well as paradise ranch (not that great drama).. they have happy endings too.. feast of god are about chefs an d the second lead gets the girl, second time that a drama have second lead gets the gir.. the first one i saw was king of baking kim tak goo, where joo woon gets the girl.. in FOG the ideal oppa in a thousand promises who is supposedly the second male lead here gets the girl.. they all have happy endings...^^ i forgot that guy in playful kiss, he is also the second lead in 9 end 2 outs..
how are love story in havard,lovers in paris,paradise ranch and feast of god and man of honor?rom com?happy ending?? i really pity kim hyun joong in BoF, jung il woo....jun ki...goong guy(i actually thought for a while she might end up with him)_and yes..the greatest love guy was cuter than the lead.. and i would add playfull kiss guy..he was too innocent
if we could count all the second male lead which caught our hearts, there would be a truckload full of them... no min woo in MGIAG, kim hyun joong in BOF, oh ah in in SKKS, lee yeong jin in love story in harvard, lee jun ki in my girl, jae joong in protect the boss, yoon kye sang in the greatest love, teacyon in dream high 1 and cinderella's sister, how could i forget jung il woo in TMTETS?, lee dong geun in lovers in paris, kim jeong hoon in goong, kim jae wook in mary stayed out all night and bad guy, bae so bin in shining inheritance, seo yoon ho in paradise ranch and feast of god, lee jang woo in man of honor and a lot more...ahhahah
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