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Are imitation board as good as the branded board?
i just been wondering if they are as good because i been going around and i find imitation boards and wonder are they good?
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thanks for the site @jlukasik
3 years ago·Reply
I got an imitation board once for my little niece. They're really only good for learning how to push, foot brake and beginner cruising. I got wobbles going about 10 mph. Plus the wood splintered and warped after a few months.
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what exactly are imitation boards? I've never heard anyone talk about them
3 years ago·Reply
Imitation boards are low quality boards which are usually genetic or off branded broads. Like if you went on Amazon search "Longboard" without putting a specific brand name longboard, a lot of those are imitation boards. They will usually have a description that says "Fast wheels", "Speed lubricant bearings", "Aluminum Trucks". Basically, they are boards that you'd easily find at ToysRUs, Walmart etc. @SethSmith
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Wow dude my friend has that exact board.
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