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Who do you think is the best kisser among lee min ho's love team? And who is the best couple? A. Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers) B. Sandara Park (Commercial) C. Son Ye-jin (Personal Taste) D.Park Min Young (City Hunter) E. Kim Hee Sun (Faith)
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most adorable couple lee minho & goo hye sun...hope they tandem again in the next Kdrama!!!
5 years ago·Reply
i love all of the choices..lee min ho..
5 years ago·Reply
son ye-jin personal taste
5 years ago·Reply
@atlantis1969 totally agree with you! we need another drama with them!!!
4 years ago·Reply
min ho and hye sun first and sandara min ho en the last minho and min young
3 years ago·Reply