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Anybody ever have a go at making a deck? I'm going to give it a go. Something simple at first. No drastic shapes maybe a basic pintail with a bit of flex. The only thing that concerns me is getting hold if the correct ply wood. I can get my hands on tons of sheets of ply from work but it's not very exotic stuff. No birch or maple but it's ok with a nice grain to it. Just hoping it's strong enough. It's 6mm thick so I will have to sandwich maybe 2 or 3 sheets together to get the strength but I'm hoping just 2 will be fine because 3 will make it 18mm thick! Any tips and ideas will be very welcomed
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I'm not one for kick tails but some concave would be cool. How thick is too thick? 18mm?
I think its fine but it depends on your weight. And for a second opinion I'd talk to @smokysolis
Correction: @smokeysolis
Idk if he's the one who also makes longboards, I may be mistaken I can't remember lol sorry
Cool thanks matey :)