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I just got these gloves that I'm trying to turn into slide gloves. what should I use to convert these?
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Those don't look too good :P get some heavy duty gloves from Home Depot for like 5 bucks and do what @AndrewVollmar said
@JcubStone, get some heavy duty gardening or work gloves. Mine lasted me more then half a year. Like @AndrewVollmar said, velcro and half inch cutting board. The foam isnt necessary, in my opinion. Its never really hurt me but, hey take the extra percation by all means. Hot glue the velcro to the gloves, i find that it works best. If you have the stick on type, just simply sticl a strip onto tye cutting board. this way you can easily remove the pucks if needed
nice Santa Cruz though
@sethsmith good eye i was ganna say that too
I think what I'm going to do is get adhesive Velcro and attach that to the glove and the cutting board so if these gloves get torn up to fast I can just go get some new gloves and use the cutting board I already cut out. thanks for the tips ill post some pics when I'm done.