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i like the skiddles and the butter balls. been wanting to try them out! hbu? wheels?
Butter Balls are fun as all hell. So much thane everywhere. I feel like a thane god every time I take them out. Saying that Im sure you can imagine how long they dont last. Ive never rode skiddles but heard that they are pretty much the same boat.
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I was about to get some race forms yesterday for dirt cheap but I got something else:P i know I'm going to get them next though
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there are better wheels out there. skiddles are sorta icy and unpredictable at times, and butters chunk easy, and if you slide at 90, flat spot easy too. topshelf's and nineballs are really fun and cheap though. topshelves are up there as one of my favorite mids haha
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I love posts about wheels I don't know why I think I'm having a psychological wheel disorder haha
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Yes @Jlukasik I have discontinued 9 balls and when you hit the sweet spot they thane so nice and are just fun.
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