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I kinda want this cruising longboard because the sick big wide truck
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i legitimately burst out with laughter. ask anyone in the DH community and they'll tell you these are utter shit for DH. the amount of slop on these is crazy, originals spring trucks where first designed as scooter trucks. it's OK though, everyone overestimates their speed. I'll happily stick to Cronin's though.
Don't need to ask buddy I've done it "legitimately" as you say. Wide hangers with a tight turning radius seem to be ok for me. It's ok tho. Maybe it's your ankle strength :). I over estimate my penis size buddy never my speed
@crazyheart that's not the problem the problem is they don't have bushings they have springs which isn't good for anything besides cruising and carving
@jlikasik they don't have bushings correct mate they have springs. Many different springs colour coded for different weights and stiffness (like bushings). Moderate downhill speeds can easily be achieved using s10's with white springs. Im not arguing buddy. I know It can be done cos I've done it dude