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So Ive been looking at the Finch by Blue Sky longboards for a while now. Sadly I dont personally know anyone who has a Blue Sky deck nor does any shop in my area carry them. So any reviews or comments from any of you guys or gals who have been on a Blue Sky deck would be great.
I've only ridden the lotus but they're a rad company and local to my area. a local shop around me carries them. the finch is a mini so you're not gonna be hauling or doing fast freeride on it. can't really go wrong with one for cruising purposes though
Thanks man! Thats sweet and definitely helpful! Main reason I like the Finch is that it is small and still a dropthrew witch Ive had a hard time finding but I'll definitely look into that group!
the owner/founder runs a really cool Facebook group called #showmeatrick (show me a trick, not show meat rick haha) he's done some really rad shit for the group like contests and whatnot. you can probably pm him on fb if you want more details. if I'm not mistaken, they're working on a doublekick right now, which might suit your purposes better.
I want the Finch for some hard street n maybe some pool shit. I just hate buying not knowing anything ya know.