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Netflix retired the API on November 14th, 2014, which is bad news for developers who relied on the API. One service, A Better Queue, will no longer be able to function because it relied on Netflix's public API. A Better Queue was a site that offered a better way of filtering movies when searching. Netflix has a reputation of having a mediocre search feature. Having a public API allowed for developers to provide services like A Better Queue to help Netflix users find a better movie to watch instead of wasting time on Netflix searching for one. Netflix's API wasn't known for having great documentation, but at least something good came out of it. What do you all think, was this a bad move?
@patrickballeux I'm not sure if they plan to revive it again, but if I hear anything I will share it. From what the company released, the wanted to focus on private API bc there was not enough traffic in public api. Not sure how true it is. I found this:
That's a really sad news. Netflix is so popular that they should have an API to let third parties promote their service for them. Maybe it will come back with a new API in 2015. Have they told why they were shutting down?