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Gnarly Dream

So I had the weirdest dream yesterday night where I was longboarding around town and this kid asked if he could see my board. I said yea and let him see it. He asked if he could ride it and I said yeah. He rode it for a bit and then proceeded to ask if he could keep it. (Keep in mind that this kid is like 5). I tell him no but he asked around how much they were sold for. I told him they that they vary in price but they were pretty expensive. His Dad proceeds to come over and asks me some questions and somehow I end up taking apart my board to show them my bearings. Then as I take out one of my bearings thousands of the little bearing balls came out of the one bearing and I freaked out for a bit before a brand new set of bearings appeared on my board...THE END Yea thats it. Sorry if its a little random but I felt like sharing it with yall.
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First off I love this post, amazing. Secondly, when's the last time you changed your bearings?
I changed them last Thursday but in retrospect I didnt board this weekend either
What kind of Thane are you smoking? Haha xD jk bro
Told you it was weird
... Okay...
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