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It took me a while to figure it out lmfao!
clear board like glass! #fresh #dope #longboardlover
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@Azzy19 @DanielSpazJames why u want one what gonna do with and if they break
3 years ago·Reply
@kacperkania it's probably like plexiglass not real glass I doubt it would break
3 years ago·Reply
@Azzy19 they should be plexiglass or bullet proof glass. There's something that's the exact same thing and they're called jelly boards but it's only skateboards
3 years ago·Reply
@KacperKania if it breaks or bends completely out of shape I'll go back to regular boards and use the broken board for something like a shoe rack.
3 years ago·Reply
Yea I only longboard :P but it would be cool to see the road fly by under your feet @DanialSpazJames
3 years ago·Reply