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So I want to get to know everyone better and see what everyone's favorite snacks and foods to eat are while we're out having the times of our lives boarding. I eat about anything but I do like chipotle or Taco Bell if I got the option.
Mother. Fucking. Double. Stacked. Oatmeal. Cream pies. And. Gatorade. BRUH.
Oh gawd! xD you made my stomach gurgle @BrittanySowell
Sooo i will eat anywhere also! But... I have to tell you... There is a spot in San Marcos tx with a baby bomber hill and at the bottom is a Taco Bell AND a Chipotle! They are basically holding hands! Just thought you should know of this gem! :)
@KLAIRELAURIE you definitely did just win because that is amazing. @AndrewVollmar that sounds really good How are their burritos if they have any at all?
I have a spot near me called zim zari that's amazing its california mixed with mexican
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