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So, I'm getting all new equipment soon, like everything down to the pads and shoes. and I didn't know what brands are good and which ones aren't as good. like on helmets, shoes, gloves, wheels, bearings, trucks, elbow/knee pads, and anything else you guys can think of
Helmets: Pro-tec, Triple8, Bern, Bell Shoes: Vans, Converse, Nike, pretty much any skate shoe Gloves: S9, Loaded, Landyachtz, or make your own Wheels: Depends. Abec 11, Cenom, Hawgs, S9 just to name a few Bearings: Bones, Zealous, Magic. Trucks: Depends. Paris, Randals, Bears, Calibers just to name a few. Pads: 187, pro-tec
@mpoblete All I ever wear is converse. I never once had a problem with them. I guess it's up to the person though.
I forgot to add: Ronin, Paris, or Caliber trucks! Abec 11! And the Nike SBs come with a patented airbag so you'll have extra cushion if you jump ship! Also, Converse are madd uncomfortable. I have classic and Jack Purnell Converse and they're flat so good for footbraking, but otherwise uncomfortable!
To add on what @Shulace said, check out They have a large selection of safety gear from various brands all which are very good. Pretty much any flat shoes with a nice sole that isn't thin will due. As for wheels, Shulace named a few which are good, but it's really up to preference. My personal favorite is Bustin Swifts. & I find 44 degree calibers one of the best all around trucks that are budget friendly.
I'm not so picky with the helmets to be honest with you. I bought 2 triple 8 helmets in different colors. I think the 187 Killer Pads are great (I bought Triple 8 since it was cheaper but you have no budget so I'd say the Killer Pads). G-forms are pricey but lightweight and nice but they're not going to help you with hard impact. As for shoes, I heard Nike SB (Stefan Janoski's) are dope, and Vans. Wheels--you can really get a lot of different brands. However, the general consensus leans more toward Orangatang (Stimulus, Cage, Durian, Kegel). Bearings, I ride Bones Swiss but I also have Zealous, and those have self sealing lubricant, and are so affordable! Gloves, they say best ones are leather but I think they all tear the same way. I usually just get ones that look nice, lol, then I put Holesom pucks on 'um.
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