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You know these smell madd nice and look pretty!!! Con: they wear down kind of quickly.
I'm so used to wearing safety gear now. Even if I'm just in a parking lot. I realized we fall when we least expect it, like I've fallen going 2 mph, lol. I don't understand people who refuse to wear safety gear. Richard, what branch do you serve if you don't mind me asking?
@McKenzieMeier it was in the mail! Lolol
That's not too bad, always wear your gear though. I generally take a chunk or two out of my elbow everytime I skate. I mean a literal chunk btw.
I was in the Army. I had a problem with my recruiter when I tried to transfer units. She refused to do the extra paperwork and just discharged me because it was less paperwork. But my plan is to get back in next year when I get ready to finish up my ROTC.
@BrittneySowell I also love how they come in assorted colors! @agek scroll up and read the comments lolol. The irony, hahaha!
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