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I think this video sums up all the beauty of downhill longboarding. Beautiful roads, awesome scenery (I mean common, look at that freaking sunset) and just the thrill of riding! Sunset Raw Run with Original Skateboards Vecter 37:
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@BenKaplan that's a 45 mph+ run, I'm not sure you could handle it
3 years ago·Reply
lmao sorry about that @Agek I was exhausted when I posted this. Didnt even realize i spelled those wrong
3 years ago·Reply
@Agek the highest i ever hit was 35 mph but that was a while ago, when i first started. I could probably handle a bit more now, probably not as quick as this guy
3 years ago·Reply
Yo that's hot, not to mention he's really great at the turns. The setting is beautiful, I wish I could longboard right about now lol
3 years ago·Reply
@BenKaplan even he's barely making those drifts xD
3 years ago·Reply