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The Dog's Are Barking

This is the second part from the last video that I uploaded, Sittin' With the Dog. I got some good shots on Griffin Creek Rd., and then a six hundred and fifty foot drop out of the mountains on Coleman Creek Road heading into Phoenix where I live. music: Son is Shining - Voodoo Farm; Keep You Lance Herbstrong
How much more like Shaun White could I get? I even snowboard haha!
Yeah @filirican Watch my video Freedom in the Forest. After I finish skating, and the first song is over there is a clip of one of my bands song's. It's just a Bob Marley cover, but I made it my own. My friend's band, who hosted the event, plays after I do, and then it goes to late night when the D.J. was bumpin an amazing song!
A musician too?! Sweet! @KTM2014
And all my music is just downloads I got, or a friend who let me use their music in my videos. Eventually when I get some music recording equipment I want to make my own tracks for the videos @filirican
I just need to work my way up to some of the steeper ones. I live in the Rogue Valley, and it's a very hilly / mountainous area
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