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Why Supporting your local shops is important.
I know buying online is the easiest way to go, and that it's nice to find a package. But guys here's the deal. Your local shops are what holds up the skate community, If they aren't around then who will sponsor any events you throw? Events are EXPENSIVE, I'm talking $1500+ for permits and event insurance etc. Constantly local shops are going out of business because they can't hold up against online. They don't have all the same inventory and options so they suffer, and thats not ok. So go down to your shop and talk to them about carrying more brands and boards, Tell them how much more business they would get from you and your friends, And make sure to emphasize how online is dominating them. Local should always come first, IF they don't have something talk to them about carrying it and order it online. But always check for something you need LOCALLY first.. Stay steezy guys, -Patrick
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Well said, supporting the little guy is a great thing to do. I have heard of shops actually ordering boards for people too.
3 years ago·Reply
I'll be heading over to westside skate shop soon
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@AndrewVollmar good. Even if you just talk to them and get to know them you might get on a team, I ride for a local shop and go in a chill for a while and they know me well.
3 years ago·Reply
My boardshop, Jack's Boardhouse, will order you anything you want and try to get it there asap. If you're not about to order something, they will help you find the next best thing!
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