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"Natural" is making its way to the fashion company. Eleven months after American Eagle stopped airbrushing their models for its Aerie line, sales are increasing. According to Quartz reports, the second quarter of the sale jumped 9%. I would have to say American Eagle made a smart and practical move with their Aerie Real Campaign. People are straying away from the view of "The Perfect Body" as skinny thin s-line models (like Victoria Secrets) and more fond of natural beauty. It made sense because shoppers would rather see clothes on someone who resembles their body type rather than someone who has been airbrushed. This campaign seem to make a positive impact with American Eagle's brand and Aerie line. From shoppers to employees they are all supporting this au naturale marketing. Other retails are slowly following after American Eagle's inspiration. Modcloth is one case study. Time will tell if this marketing works for other retailers. Image courtesy: American Eagle
This is great news! Like @marshalledgar said, I hope that this isn't temporary. I also hope it inspires other brands to follow suit!
@stargaze it'd be interesting to see if the shift is merely temporary or long-term. It's cool though.
@marshalledgar @sophiamor. Definitely, I'm keeping an eye out for them. I do hope they will continue this encouraging people (especially teens) to embrace their natural image.