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A good friend and world-class music educator - Mr. Andy Irvine - the world-wide clinic instructor with Warwick Guitars in Germany - asked if he could commission me to do an original Black Rhinoceros drawing to be auctioned by an organization called "Rhino God" which raises money to assist with the care of injured and de-horned Rhinos in Africa. This is the drawing I'm sending him. Completed yesterday evening. B8- H4 graphite on 9x12 on vellum bristol-board.
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This is pretty damn cool!
Thank you! :D
reallllyyy coooollll awesome piece go 4 it :-)
I love this! I love how well you were able to convey the leatheriness (that's a word now) of the rhino's skin.
This is Beautiful...Stunning! I'm just curious, how much did it fetch at auction... if you don't mind my asking, that is? Also, is this Andy Irvine, the Great Irish Traditional Musician who performed w/ Planxty, Patrick Street, et al, as well as solo? My kind of music, that.