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How do you explain love. The way our hearts collided so violently. The way a look changed everything. How do you explain love. The way my heart exploded with joy when she smiled. Or how she took my hand when tragedy was taking over my soul. The sudden light in my empty, wandering soul. The glow in my eyes that no one can read but her. How do you explain love. The touch of her fingertips on my cheek. The lick of her lips as she gazed into my eyes. Or her how she touched my soul as she ran her lips across my lips. The way she breathed every inch of me in. How do you explain love. The only explanation I have, is her name.
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@sophiamor Thank you!! My phone was being weird so I had to duplicate this to put it in poetry and creative writing. I wrote this a few months after I met the love of my life :)
very lovely and beautiful seen God bless both of u
@sophiamor thank you. We are both very happy. I found my soul mate :)
@dgreen20 well I'm certainly glad you found each other! I can only hope to be that lucky, you sound unbelievably happy!
This is beautiful! I actually had a smile on my face while reading this entire piece. You should really share this with the creative writing and poetry communities :) Thanks so much for sharing this!