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Here is a gorgeous centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table that will celebrate the colors of the season! The finished product looks much fancier than these simple steps would make it seem, and you can personalize it with your favorite autumn flowers. Materials: Medium-sized pumpkin: This can vary in size and color depending on your occasion and theme. Just be sure it is large enough to hold a mason jar. Mason jar or small vase Carving knife (a sharp kitchen knife works too) Floral shears or an old pair of scissors Variety of Fall flowers and foliage Directions: Start by carving a hole in the top of your pumpkin and hollowing out the middle, creating room for your vase. No need to make a clean cut, as it will not be visible once your flowers are added. With an assortment of flowers, style your arrangement. Use foliage to add volume and fill in any gaps. Add the flowers to the vase, set the pumpkin on your table, and complete your tablescape!
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The mason jar idea is great!