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Since hosting is all in the details, how about using a plate topper that will set your table apart from the rest?! Materials: Decorative leaves (available at craft stores) Sharpie(s) Metallic spray paint Hole punch Raffia Directions: Start by painting your decorative leaves. Use metallic spray paint to coat each leaf. Let dry for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat the process for two coats. You can choose to vary your paint colors depending on your table's theme. Let dry for 30 minutes. With your hole punch, take two leaves of different sizes and punch a hole in the bottom of each. Loop the raffia through the leaves, tying them around your napkin. Cut off any excess raffia if necessary. Using a Sharpie, write your guest's name on the top leaf (optional). Style on your place setting and celebrate!
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How easy is this?! So much more chic than my usual folded construction paper!
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