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DIY Painted Acorns
These adorable little acorns make a great table decoration. Either toss them in a little bowl or scatter them across your table! Here's how: Step 1: Place acorns on foil-lined cookie sheet and bake at 170* for a few hours. I baked mine for about two hours just to be sure everything was good and dead. One acorn cracked and was a bit burnt looking but the rest came out looking good. Step 2:Use acrylic craft paints and a paint brush to paint your acorns. Brush strokes will make a difference in the acorns’ appearance so brush with the grain of the nut. I didn’t remove my caps in order to paint them. A few caps had fallen off, and I used hot glue to re-attach them. I found the acorns much easier to paint with caps intact. I have a TON of acrylic paint in my craft room and used different shades of green, blue, orange, and gold on my acorns. I didn’t bother giving any of the acorns two coats of paint but you might want to if you prefer a more opaque look. Set the acorns aside to dry and don’t worry too much about the wet paint. Most of the acorns will naturally roll back to their caps when you set them down.
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Super cute! This would be fun to do while watching a movie with the family pre-Thanksgiving Day (family tradition!)
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My little cousins would love these!
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