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It's cold, it's hard to go outside to exercise, and the lack of sunlight doesn't do anything positive for your mood and health. So what can you do to keep your health this winter? Here are a few suggestions. Raise your vitamin D levels naturally! Vitamin D is amazing. It helps out with heart health, skin health, immune health, and mental health! Ways to increase vitamin D naturally include lowering your cholesterol, exercising, and eating more fatty fish, such as wild salmon. Protect your skin! Sunscreen is more important in the winter. Even though it is overcast and cold, there is no reason to stop your sunscreen routine. UVA light, a type of UV light, penetrates top and deeper layers of skin, causing cell damage that can lead to cancer. UVA light is tough to avoid because it passes through window glass and stays the same strength all year—so keep up your sunscreen routine. Get a flu shot! Most people are less freaked out about getting the flu than they are about the shot. But when 36,000 people in the U.S. die from complications from the flu and 200,000 are hospitalized, doctors should be telling people to get a flu shot because it’s a random act of kindness and a selfless act. Be with your friends! All that winter darkness can take a toll on our mental health. Sign up for a yoga, cooking, sewing, or scrapbooking class with your best friend. Not only do these kinds of classes improve your mental and physical fitness, but they help fill that social craving that we have as human beings, too! Eat more plants! One of the primary omega-3 fatty acids, is found in many plants and plant-based cooking oils, but flaxseed (powder or oil), chia seed, and walnuts are especially good sources. Recent research is suggesting omega-3s have anti-inflammatory effects, protect the skin, and perhaps even have some impact on mental health.
I love to stay inside my blanket and eat some tangerine during winter. However, I should go out and meet some friends.
I always forget sunscreen when its foggy or cloudy and then regret it. Thanks for these tips!
I just have a hard time adjusting to winter foods. I am a huge fruit and veggie person, so not having all those summer fruits really affects my mood and general health :/
@iluvdurian31 making friends is always a good thing haha
I always have a hard time shaking the winter time blues, especially since I can't get out as much as I usually do!
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