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Love nail art but don't have time to design and polish? Try this leopard print nail. You don't need much effort because you can't go wrong with making leopard spots! This also goes well with neutral or dark scheme outfits. Tools: Black, nude and brown nail polish of your choice Base coat Top coat Dotting tool Instructions: 1. Put on base coat if desired. Paint nails with a nude polish 2. Using a brown polish, create multiple spots on the nails. 3. Partially outline the spots with black polish using a dotting tool. Add more small black dots to fill in any open areas. 4. Finish with a top coat and you're done!
@stargaze I'll let you know how it goes~
@kristenadams Just think of it as dabbing paint on the nails. The best thing about leopard print is it doesn't have to be perfec.t
I feel like this would take a ton of practice but I still really want to try!
These are so cute :) Who wants to do them for me?!
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