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This prompt is not specifically about Thanksgiving, but about autumn! I hope you can find some non-Holiday specific inspiration with this one, @moya23! Prompt #3: Write a piece that begins with the main character waking up in a pile of autumn leaves. Join in more November events! (
@moya23 Yes, you can! You already have. Don't worry so much! I promise, you have shared with us an interesting piece. What I love most about this is the warm smile making your life colorful, not the colorful leaves or sky around you. The presence of your mother in the leaves is very sweet and telling; a reminder that she exists in the world around you to continue to give you the support you need from her! Let's not forget that :)
I open my eyes There is a hand caressing my face, soft and gentle. There is a warm smile making my day colorful. Little fingers running on my hair. I was on your lap feeling the love. I want to come into your arms to have a rest, but you are going away. I'm bursting into tears as your shadow fading away. I wake up and soon I realize it was the falling leaves touching my face. It was the yellow orange flowers that was coloring my day. The wind blowing my hair. I really open my eyes and see I'm waking up on a pile of colorful leaves, what we always did in our autumns. Mom... I miss you so much. Ohh..Mr@greggr I can't make something impressive :(
Thanks, Sir. Hmmm I hope I can improve my writing skill. However, I don't experience autumn here,but I always imagine I can have it. It's a beautiful thing for me. but sentimental also. I like how the leaves are falling down into colorful piles. Hmm..
@moya23 Great! Looking forward to seeing what you can do whenever you have time :)
All right, Sir....I'll give it a try :D