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One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is that it happens in the fall! But what if you had never experienced fall before? Prompt #4: Write a piece that includes a character that has never seen or experienced a typical autumn before: what do they find out about it? Join in more November events! (
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I haven't tried these before, but let me see what I can do :) These are two of my friends, imagined in another scenario~ "When I asked why the trees were dying, he looked confused. I smiled, because his emotions being so clearly written on his face was a rare thing to see. "Huh?" he asked. "You're joking, right?" I shook my head and looked back out the window. "The trees," I said. "They're dying." My eyes wandered over yellows, oranges and reds, resting longer on the brown branches with nothing left to cover their knobs and twists and. "You can't see that all of it is dying?" I asked, thinking the fact to be obvious. "They'll be back again next year, Poppy. Don't you worry about that." I won't forget the grin that accompanied those words."
@onesmile This is great! The worry of the tree's death seems adorable from someone who doesn't know any better, but it's actually quite a sad thought, sin't it?
@onesmile Very true :) I hadn't considered what happens after they burn in this case.
@greggr It is a little sad, yes, but I think it's happy, too. Rebirth and all that