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Greetings fellow Tech Enthusiasts, As mentioned in this card (, we will be doing some fun challenges in specific Technology topics so that we can feature your card in the technology community! This week will be Gadget week. Share a card featuring a favorite gadget of yours. Some examples: your personal review and thoughts of a wearable, a side-by-side comparison of the best bluetooth devices, or even a tutorial. You can get creative. After you post your card, you can share it in the comments below so we make sure we don't miss it. Post your card by Sat Nov. 22nd 11:59 PM PT, the best card will be chosen and featured starting 11/23/14 for a full week on the Technology page here on Vingle. Make sure you post your card under "Technology" and that it follow's Vingle's Community Guidlines. ( Hope to see some awesome cards! Tagging some fellow Vinglers who might be interested: @patrickballeux @DanWest @sanityscout @TeamWaffles @csgeek @ZhuHao @AnkitPandey @amog32 @taylorjones
Awesome, I already have one in mind...