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Every season has a distinctness that allows to identify and separate them. Some of these differences are more subtle than others, and that's definitely something that can be explored! So... Prompt #5: Write a piece that has both summer and autumn as characters. Join in more November events! (
@moya23 @timeturnerjones That's what I hope for in these prompts! Always hoping that we can learn from each others experiences and talents. Thank you both for always joining in.
It seems great for me since I think I don't have any idea about turning seasons into characters. It's a creative idea. To be honest, I learn many things here. I'm not that creative with words so I found many good things here. I like it ^^
Yikes! Let me see what I can come up with.... @greggr @moya23 I'm doing this quick, so I can't promise too much. "She doesn't like to give in to anybody. Brazen, bold and without a doubt that her opinion is the one we should follow. When we don't give in to her swaying words, she just glares and glares and glares. But sometimes, she'll yield to him. He doesn't say much when he arrives. He just occasionally cuts her sentences short, blowing cold words her way. She fights back, stays proud, stays in control, but eventually, she shares with him. His words blow coldly and she stays proud and somehow, together, the two of them set the world on fire." (I feel like I wrote him as winter, and them together is fall? Hmm...well, it's close?
@greggr Hey now Mr. Greggr, thanks for always setting them up for us!
@timeturnerjones He does sound a bit like winter to me, but I love the way you turned the characteristics of summer and winter into personalities, that, when together, bring us to a milder fall. Very interesting idea! @moya23 what do you think of it?
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