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Another "thankful" themed plot to keep you in the mood for Thanksgiving! Prompt #6: Begin a piece with this prompt: "With gratefulness..." It doesn't have to be about Thanksgiving! Let's look at some other ideas of gratefulness. Join in more November events! (
With gratefulness I wake up every morning and thank God for I still breathe With gratefulness I walk the days for I still have my job to earn for living ; my friends to laugh with; the weak to share my love With gratefulness I smile , I cry for I still have the heart With gratefulness I sleep and thank God for I still remember I should thank Him in everything
@timeturnerjones This is great! I really want to know more about this hated (? maybe?) "dear Mother" and just what she did to deserve this loathing. Not exactly in the family love spirit for Thanksgiving, but I'll take it!
"With gratefulness, I can tell you that the only reason we are here today is thanks to our dear, dear Mother. Our Mother who only invites us, the chosen children, and prefers to leave the others outside. Our dear Mother, who makes more than enough to eat, and won't let us take the leftovers next door. Our dear Mother, who in this time of famine and destruction, still manages to hold her head high. So thank you, Mother." Lotus's words hung in the air, dripping with a desperation I couldn't put a better name to. And then, she ran. (This is an excerpt related to some characters I want to write about in the future, sorry if it's confusing).
@moya23 I especially love the fourth line: with gratefulness, I smil, I cry, for I still have the heart. It feels so raw, and so real. Great job! @moya23