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This prompt might be the least "Thanksgiving" of them all, but I don't want to constrain you to feeling caught in the necessity to be writing about a holiday that not everybody knows or loves. So, here goes... Prompt #7: Start a piece with the phrase "The last time I saw his eyes, he looked thankful..." See where you can end up from there! Join in more November events! (
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mines not all the way poetry but more creative writing I'm about to post it. I've been in a writing block where I can't express what I'm thinking it's been frustrating me. lol.
@WyattHaste I enjoyed it! Yeah sometimes I get like that too, lol, thus why I have very rarely participated :D Cool piece, though!!
thanks an yea it's like every prompt I get writer's block
@WyattHaste @timeturnerjones I'll tell you both a secret: I actually try every single one of these writing prompts on my own! But, I don't publish the work because it isn't good enough. However, it helps me get my creative juices flowing, and then I find myself able to write about other things. Maybe you'll find the same benefit!
@greggr @WyattHaste You're totally holding out on us!!! (But actually, we get it~)