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@ EightyNinr.. Patriots looking good.. My Redskins in the other hand.. Rg3? he helps out more when he in the injured list ha.. uhh
@Goyo didn't really pay attention to what Gruden had to say.. I'm making opinion off what I have been enduring these past few seasons ha uhh it's tough to watch inconsistency... do good do bad end up even worse... I'd really like to see someone be consistent even of it is Rg3. .
@dukes1 to be honest, I don't blame you. I am a Vikings fan, and I wish I could just see consistent quarterback play from someone. Anyone.
@duke1 actually I think that what Gruden said made it much worse. he basically said to everyone that RG3 has no business calling out his team or holding them accountable. I think that what RG3 said was said in the wrong way, but I don't think he was wrong for saying it. He, as the supposed leader, should also care what others on his team are supposed to do. Gruden basically told him and the rest of the world that RG3 is not the team's leader, and is just another piece. Poor handling by the coach there
@dukes1 Yeah I think the Redskins playcalling hasn't been ideal. They give up on the run too easily when they should be pounding it similar to how the Chiefs are
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