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It's already Mid-November and some of my friends still going strong with the No-Shave November campaign. Here's a way to support the participant and campaign with a simple mustache manicure inspired by nail artist Simcha Whitehill. Tools: Any black nail polish Basecoat Top coat Dotting Tool or Toothpick Instructions: 1. Put on basecoat, paint your nails with a sheer pinkish-nude polish. 2. Using a dotting tool, make two large dots at the center of your nail. 3. Create two super-small dots equidistant from the two larger dots in the center of your nail. 4. Draw two arched lines from the larger dot to the smaller one to create the mustache's handles. Fill in the two lines and you're done! Wait for a few minutes before applying topcoat.
Ah I love this!! I'm definitely going to try, even though I'll probably make a mess.
HA! I love this so much, it doesn't even look like a moustache from far away.
This might be easier than a french tip. I have to try this!