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The Cardinals win again with their backup QB. With every miraculous win, HC Bruce Arians gets one step closer to locking up the Coach of the Year Award. The Cardinals rode their defense and did just enough on offense to beat the Detroit Lions 14-6 on Sunday to improve to an NFL-best 9-1. The Cardinals did not give up a touchdown and blitzed constantly, letting their secondary lock up the receivers. Stanton threw touchdown passes to Michael Floyd on Arizona's first two possessions and the Cardinals held the Lions without a touchdown, the first time that's happened to Detroit since 2009, in a matchup of teams with two of the best records in the league. Arizona won its sixth in a row and has its best record through 10 games since 1948. The Cardinals, 6-0 at home, also have a three-game lead over Seattle and San Francisco in the NFC West. Stanton is now 3-1 as the starter this season. The Cardinals are showing that they can win no matter who is playing.
Scary to think what this team could've done with a healthy Palmer
A strong D can weather any major issue. They have the makings of a boring Ravens championship team (Trent Dilfer anyone?)
@Goyo They definitely have a similar makeup but with a stud secondary
Crazy how the cardinals keep winning. Their defense is definitely top 5 in the league and I'd be scared to face him in the playoffs