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It was Kobe Bryant vs. the Warriors but his 44 points were not enough as the Warriors won easily 136 to 115. Kobe once again made tough shot after tough shot but he shot 15 for 34. He is putting up numbers but the efficiency is terrible, and if the Lakers want to win they need to figure out how to do it as a team and play some defense. They are the worst defensive team in the game and without defense they just aren't going to win. Kobe is showing that he is mortal and he definitely can't do it alone. Is Kobe done? I guess we will see as the season goes on!
@TrueBruin is this supposed to be a good draft year? Cuz i don't think lakers will get top pick... not with the Sixers there lol
Kobe's 4th on the all time points list, but yes @MereChrisKang after Jordan, Karl Malone is next at 36,928 points.
@MereChrisKang @DanteL He just passed the 32,000 point mark last night and he's only 290 points away from Jordan who he will surely pass this year. Kobe
@DanteL he's about to pass someone. Can't remember who but the guy after that us pretty far off. Karl Malone I believe
@goyo he's still in the running for the points record isn't he?
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