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Ringly is a smart jewelry that alerts you of calls, text messages, and other notifications via blinking LED light and vibrations. I would find this very helpful whenever I can't have my phone in my hand or pocket (especially if I am wearing clothing that doesn't have pockets). ‣ Features You can have your phone up to 20-30 ft. away from you for this ring to work. All you need to do is have the Ringly app installed. To charge, you simply put the ring in its box and charge via usb. It is crafted with a rhodium plated setting and a tourmalated quartz semi-precious stone (5 colors). Available in US sizes 6, 7 and 8. New orders will ship early 2015. This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves jewelry and tech! What do you think, would you buy this? I personally wish it had more features, but I like the idea and would wear it.
@TechatHeart it's really not as bad as it seems ha..
Seems a little too big.
@dukes1I can't even imagine that, ouch!
or Smart nipple rings.. cause Im more of a nipple ring guy.. surely I would never miss a notification..
@ChickenNrice Yes, I agree. I don't like wearing flashy rings...I would probably like it more if the gem was smaller. I guess you can't please everyone? haha. If anything, they need to make smart earrings...I'm more of an earring girl anyway..