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Two years ago, Google's Niantic Labs launched their popular real world game, and I knew absolutely nothing about it. I still know next to nothing about it, but I do know that I am interesting in giving it a try! Ingress has been popping up all over my Google+ account as players worked for the last 2 weeks to gain special awards and bonuses as a 2-year anniversary gift. Still, I didn't start playing yet. What is Ingress? It's a real world game where things like statues and locations are turned into virtual Portals in the game. You have to physically go to the location, then you tap a couple buttons on your phone to interact with it. Once you hit one you can get a key for it, which is used to create a virtual link to it from another portal. Links create covered areas of the globe, which result in team points. The actual game mechanics are a major description, but that is the gist of it. Why do I want to start Ingress? Because it seems like a great way to explore some new locations. Because it seems like a great way to meet some new people. Mostly, because it seems like fun! Are any of you on Ingress? What is there to enjoy?
@Xipos @sanityscout I tried it out a little bit, and I have to agree. While it was kind of fun, I found that on my normal walks through the city I was no longer looking at the people around me, but paying way more attention to my phone! It's a cool idea for those that need a reason to see new places, and if you do it the right way I'm sure you could really enjoy the places you go, but it wasn't practical for me so I uninstalled!
@Xipos I see your point...but it still sounds really cool! I'd like to see if it's good in practice.
for those that have not tried the ingress. you might like it. I have been playing for 10 months now. its really fun , along with local google hangout group chats with teammates in the area. most people play during their travels to and from work.
Have any of you tried Geocache? @Xipos @timeturnerjones @csgeek
While it seems like a lot of fun for a lot of people it's just not practical. It would almost seem burdensome to have to go travel to play a game. Now this would be a great idea for like say a vacation with a loved one to go see sights and have fun. But for day to day life it seems out of the way. If that makes any sense
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