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Wiper is an messaging app that allows you to delete messages you have sent - perfect for those moments you regret sending a message to someone. This is not the first messaging app to have this feature. Blackberry's BBM also allows you to do this (check it out here: The only sad part is that you must be sending the message on Wiper in order for deleting to work. This also means the person you are messaging must be on Wiper as well. Regardless, this is a good feature. I am not sure how I will convince my friends to use this app, but worth a try. Get it here: Android: iOS:
looks so useful, I hope most of chat apps have this feature
@Dyudhistira14 Me too, I wish you could do this with text messages, or at least get 10 seconds to cancel your message. I think there are some apps that do that....I'm going to go research. ..