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The tagline of this movie version of the book might as well be: "It's not quite the same, but it's efficient!" I gave the book about a 3/5 on my rating list, and I give the movie the same. Like many other films form these producers (who also made The Hunger Games and Twilight) I like the movies, they're just different than the books. In this case, a lot of those changes are time-sensitive, or just responsible editing. The one thing that was changed that made me really happy was the scene where Peter, Drew and Al attack Tris. In the book, there is a highly sexual component to this scene, with some serious groping involved. Roth mentioned that she really regretted including that kind of action in the scene (as it goes no where, and serves no purpose later) so it's likely its exclusion was approved by her. I also agree that it was great to take it out: it was so unnecessary! One thing I liked less about the changes was the lack of dimension that we got from some of the main characters. Or, at least the different dimension we go. Book Tris becomes Movie Tris, who is less stubborn, and we see less of her personal development. Her friendship with Christina is different, too: there is no big makeover scene, and Christina and Will's relationship is either spoken of or non-existent (which is definitely going to affect the feel of the second book!) And the thing I was most sad about: the finale! I know this is an action move and they have to sell tickets (thus why many things were sped up or simplified to keep more action) but I really love the part of the book where Four and Tris lock eyes and she keeps repeating "It's me" until he comes back from the sedated state. In the movie, this still happens, but there is so much going on in that moment that it's nearly lost, and that made me sad! All in all, I saw enjoy both. I am happy I read the whole series (I don't want to have to wait for the movies to know what is generally going to happen!) but the movies are also something fun to look forward to. Enjoy the trailer and book cover above, and let me know your thoughts on the series! (I've also included the Insurgent teaser trailer!)
@TechAtHeart Yeah!! Definitely need to. I'm going to reread--good thing we have a few months!! I'm still annoyed about all these 3rd books being split into 2 parts in every series I like, but at least we have a while till we need to be really annoyed about this.
I have also finished allegiant, kind of sad because maybe I hoped for a different ending.
I like the book more and yes the movie is a little different from the book. Recently watched insurgent and again I liked the book more
I liked the film...which is surprising haha. I usually get so upset because they're terrible. I agree about Christina and Will. I still need to finish the series. I have Insurgent but haven't had the time to read it yet. Soon! I need to finish it before the movie is out.