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But the price seem a little expensive. fresh and dope longboard #dope #fresh #longboardlover
Don't buy from zumiez they are over priced and they don't take care of the boards during shipping to and from the store. They are a clothing store that also sells skate and longboards not the other way around. If you're looking for an actually good store to buy from daddies boardshop, Muir skate, and edge boardshop are reliable buyers not zumiez
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Man support your local board shop that's a chain the money leaves your local economy when you shop like that.
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@KacperKania daddies boardshop nordboards muirskate edge and even Amazon are better priced and are better serviced than zumiez
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Zumiez is never good
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I use to work there xD and I agree, they're are so many better places with better prices online and local
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