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If you want a thrill, try taking The King's Little Pathway, which is famed as the "World's Most Dangerous Hike." The path is a one-meter wide walkway traversing a gorge, over 100 meters above the torrents below - El Chorro, Spain. Sound fun? To me, it sounds a bit scary! Really, this path was closed in 2000 after a few fatalities, but there are still those that make the climb. And, restoration will soon be underway! The pathway was first build over 100 years ago to help workers move more quickly over the gorge to work on a dam, but as time when on and it became unneeded, it has been allowed to stay in a state of decay. Now, hikers have a good time trying to take on the "most dangerous hike." Is it really dangerous? Yes. Very. However, the entire path is outfitted with steel cable reinforcements for you to hook up to to keep you safe. In many places on the trail, the cement has entirely fallen out, leaving only the support beams to shuffle across. I've included a video of two people's journey across the path: make sure to check out the moment at 18:00. I'm sure I would have stopped far before then, but if I hadn't, that bit would have stopped me up. 3 million euros worth of restoration work is planned to be completed by February 2015. The restoration work will aim to maintain the pathways original features while keeping as much as possible to the original designs and materials.