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J.Cole's new album is official!! After some rumors, I'm glad to hear that it's definitely coming out. I already preordered on iTunes. 2014 Forest Hills Drive is officially slated for a December 9th release date, which is around the same time as Lil Wayne's new album. Not only was this announced, but a short documentary (2014 Forest Hills Drive) was released! The story talks about his past, how he got to wear it is, and gives us something to look forward to in the weeks building up to the albums release!! A quote from Cole to leave you with: "You totally get fooled by the artificial shit that feels real , but it doesn't last. The real shit is permanent and forever. The artificial shit , you gotta keep chasing it. " Remember that!
I am a huge J.Cole fan!! Glad to see new stuff coming out, even though he'll have trouble topping Born Sinner for me...
@caricakes Yeah, I'm not positive I'll love it, but I'm exciting to get some new good music I'm sure to at least enjoy :)