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I am lifted and then poured straight into a bowl, I feel odd but as I'm poured I begin to flow, Such movements make me quake like my good friend jello, But I'll be poured onto a plate, my insides spilling while I wait, Motionless, emotionless, unable to communicate, We all go through this, you all torture us, laughing while we await our fate, Having a good time? Why not ask how's mine? You know you're loving it, you grab your oven mitt, Take out the Turkey, Turkey yells as you're cutting it, Put him on the table, dead and naked in public, At this point I know there's nothing at all I can do! All you damn savages think about is eating us food!! "Hey man, I'm hungry, can you maybe pass the gravy, dude?" That's the last I remember, now I've turned into poo..
Great work! You're not late at all @GeorgeJensenJr these are meant to be added whenever you have time and want to enjoy them. I really love the playfulness as well, though I might feel a little bad eating my gravy after reading.
@GeorgeJensenJr I am so glad this was dark and light-hearted all at once. Fantastic! hahaha I definitely laughed at the silliness :)
@GeorgeJensenJr This starts so pensively...then takes such a silly turn! I like your mood shift.
lol, this was a ride, from stove to stool! silly and thought provoking. keep it up!
Ewww @GeorgeJensenJr This made me laugh!!! I like that we can feel the motion of the gravy being kind of tossed around the table through your action verbs
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